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"Since implementing the broadcast technology we have significantly increased our viewership and attracted new partners, that we seamlessly manage and display automatically in our broadcasts due to LIGR's smart campaign manager."


Live Graphics, Statistics and Sponsors for Grassroot Sports Broadcasts - The Match ID

June 25, 2020
Live, real-time graphics are like a set of tools that sports broadcasters can use to help tell the story of a game. One of the first tools that LIGR.Live platform users take out of their toolbox is the MatchID Graphic.
June 22, 2020
For LIGR to have a true and real value proposition we need to have Value Proposition CORE PILLARS that as a company we believe in, and importantly for our customers to believe in.
June 18, 2020
The workflow that you adopt is maybe the most important decision you will make. Why? Because once you commit, you probably won’t change your workflow for a while.
June 17, 2020
The Introduction Graphic, as we call it at LIGR, is a handy live graphic for a variety of reasons. It sets the scene for the upcoming match.
June 15, 2020
We are best-in-breed but approachable and educational as we know that our customers may not be from the traditional world of broadcast and graphics.
June 12, 2020
The team list or team lineup live graphic is an essential part of sports viewing – yet for grassroots broadcasts or live streams, it is often unachievable.
June 10, 2020
As viewing habits continually change, driven by the next generation of sports fans, the need to cater to them has never been greater.
June 09, 2020
Sports organizations and broadcasters are no longer able to deliver live sports to fans the way they used to, triggering a spike in interest in new ways to deliver live sports to the populous.
June 07, 2020
LIGR we have defined 5 key voices and values for our brand. It is important for our customers and our own team to understand what we stand for, and what we speak for.
June 03, 2020
The scoreboard on a live sports match – otherwise known as the scorebug – is obviously the most important live graphic in broadcast sports.

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