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Live Graphics, Statistics and Sponsors for Grassroot Sports Broadcasts - Background Graphic

Image from iOS (8)Hugely underrated and often underused, the Background Graphic is an extremely important part of grassroots live-streamed sports.

Background Graphic

An animated, looping, background graphic powered by LIGR.Live.

Hugely underrated and often underused, the Background Graphic is an extremely important part of grassroots live-streamed sports. Until recently animated backgrounds were the reserve of high-end TV network broadcasts, but the LIGR.Live platform offers broadcasters at every level a range of dynamic, animated, looping backgrounds within each live graphic theme.

Animated backgrounds are preferable to static background images because they are used when a stream is first put live – well before the action begins. Used in conjunction with the Introduction Graphic, which includes a countdown timer to the start of the game and rotating ads, a dynamic background lets viewers know that they are watching a live video feed and that everything is working correctly.

This also allows time for the production team to set up and test the video feed and stream network performance before the action starts. The Background Graphic also acts as a fallback when the production team is experiencing technical problems and the video feed has been lost. Broadcasters can also switch to the Background Graphic during official breaks in play when commentators are discussing the game and there is nothing interesting to see on the field of play.


Generating Revenue – The Background Graphic and Sponsors

A background sports graphic should be independent of sponsors, while it’s visual design should be uncluttered and nondescript.

An animated, looping, background graphic, with sponsorship integration, powered by LIGR.Live.

This allows sponsors’ advertisements to be displayed on top of the background, ensuring that their branding stands out as the focal point on screen. As a broadcaster, you do not
want sponsors’ assets to blend in or get lost. This detracts from the advertisement and is not an effective way to engage with the audience.

The Background Graphic is a subtle way to add professionalism to your live streams and reinforce your visual branding.

To find out more about how you can use the LIGR.Live platform to manage live stream graphics, please get in touch.


Name: Background Graphic
Primary Use: Used as a background as an alternative to live vision
Data Required: None
Sport Assets Required: Team logos
Compatible Sponsor Assets: None (sponsor assets integrate with overlaid graphics)
When is the Graphic Deployed: Pre-game, during official breaks in play, post-game, during outages or as an alternative to live video.
Graphic Rating: 9/10





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