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Setting the Stage - Graphics and Live Sports

VOICE_AND_BRAND_SERIES (1)A big part of creating professional and engaging sports broadcasts is live graphics. They tell a story and show relevant info, from game scores to player and team stats.

- Setting the stage - Live graphics in a new era of sports broadcast

When it comes to watching sports, there are two parts to the game. There’s the play on the field, pitch, or court. And there’s the stats and graphics that enrich the game. Fans watching TV broadcasts have come to expect ESPN- or NBA-quality graphics to enliven their experience. Anything less seems unprofessional.

Not surprisingly, millions of sports organisations—from small sports clubs to high schools and colleges—long to air their games with the sophisticated graphics and branding that major teams and broadcasters bring to the game. However, the cost of equipment and its operation, its workflows and the legacy knowledge built up over years of TV broadcasting have prevented smaller entities from playing in this arena. Like teams switching field position at the half, that’s about to change—thanks to LIGR.Live, the live sports graphics solution for a new era of sports broadcast.

To really set the stage, let's go a little deeper into the challenge and pain of producing professional, data infused live graphics. We'll start with a diagram that highlights how complex a traditional graphics workflow is to produce professional results.
No thanks... this world doesn't fit into 90% of possible sports productions for mid to lower tier sports organisations and broadcasters.

Why are live graphics in sport so important? 

Live sports graphics tell a story and show relevant info, from game scores to player and team stats. Live graphics also display in-game advertisements from sponsors, brands and commercial partners who support the league, clubs and teams—that seek to target highly defined sports audiences.

For smaller teams, clubs, and schools, producing sophisticated graphics—live and in-game—is prohibitive. Hardware is expensive; software, difficult to master. Skilled staff is required to operate the consoles, and designers are needed to create the graphics. Matching the TV-level of production traditionally costs tens of thousands of dollars in preparation, operation, delivery and execution.

As live streaming has become more popular and affordable, the struggle to produce quality graphics on a professional level is real. All too often smaller sporting organisations and production companies are hard-pressed to compete. Traditional solutions are unrealistic. Affordable ones, unprofessional. Teams and broadcasters lose out on revenue-producing opportunities as lower end graphics solutions don’t provide the level of functionality, scalability, professionalism, ease of use, cost efficiency and sponsor integration options that are required to succeed in the live stream world.

Until now….


The solution - LIGR.LIVE

Introducing.... LIGR.Live - A Next-Gen Live Graphics Solution for a New Era of Sports Broadcast and Live Streaming

Adopt LIGR’s live sports-graphics solution, LIGR LIVE. Our out-of-the-box templates let you produce TV-quality graphics with a click of a few buttons. Use our simple, live-scoring app or live data integrations from external sources. We’re the only ESPN-quality graphics solution that requires no learning curve, no designers, and no developers. Since we’re completely automated, you don’t even need any graphics operators. With LIGR LIVE you can turn your live-stream sports graphics from zero to hero in a matter of minutes, specific to your sports needs.

As a cloud, remote and automated-graphics solution, we’re able to scale and grow across live streams from 1 to 1000 games at the same time. All with the same level of quality. Without skipping a beat. Our simple, easy-to-use platform provides you a world-class user experience with powerful graphics results. With LIGR, you can attract new fans and, just as importantly, display new sponsors in your live broadcasts automatically and with ease. You can even report back to your sponsors on how many times and for how long their advertisements displayed during the broadcast. In short, you can increase your monetisation opportunities 10-fold with zero added effort, turning your sports productions into revenue earning machines. 

Look how simple the LIGR workflow is compared to the traditional graphics workflow above. 

NO design, No hardware, No developers, No skilled users, No prior knowledge required, No training needed, No graphics operator needed if you want to run completely automatically.... 

A next-generation, modern and superior user experience for everyday live streamers. 

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