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About LIGR and What We Offer

VOICE_AND_BRAND_SERIES (1)LIGR provides out-of-the-box, TV-quality graphics templates that let you produce a professional live stream in a few simple steps.

About LIGR

LIGR is a new breed of automated graphics and broadcast management software that offers ESPN-quality sports graphics but with no need for hardware, designers, skilled graphics operators, or developers. And because our solution is out-of-the-box, we get you up and running in minutes.

Since 2016, we’ve been offering live graphics solutions to sporting organisations and the production companies that serve them. We’ve helped these companies dramatically improve the quality of their live streams and monetise through powerful in-stream advertising. For one live game or thousands. Simultaneously and across entire seasons. Accessible to broadcasts and live streams of all budgets.

Since inception, we’ve produced graphics for over 10,000 sports games—automatically—all across the globe with over 1,000 sponsor adsets uploaded into our platform. We’ve saved over 100,000 hours of graphics operation, design and development. That’s the equivalent of more than $20 million saved and over $1 million in sponsorship money activated.

Our core feature pillars are below, devised from our unique industry insights realised over years of live sports production experience.

The LIGR team as of March 2020

Professional, out-of-the-box, statistic-integrated, templated-sports graphics themes

LIGR provides out-of-the-box, TV-quality graphics templates that let you produce a professional live stream in a few simple steps. Just log in, select your sport, and choose your graphics theme. Then upload your competition, club, team, player and sponsor assets one by one OR upload your fixture and squads in one hit. Live score the game and watch the statistics fill out your professional graphics theme in real-time, automatically. Turn your live streams into TV quality productions with automatic sponsor integration and display, completely out of the box. No designers, no developers, no hardware!

The LIGR theme database in the theme selector within ligr.live

Automated graphics and broadcast asset management in a 'Next-Generation' workflow and user experience

Automatically create an entire game’s live graphics by simply live scoring the game. Or connect to an external live score data source. Either way, completely remove any manual graphics operation. Upload and manage the assets you need in an easy-to-use dashboard, and live-score the game. The graphics will animate on- and off-screen—automatically based on the live match data. If you want to manually control the graphics, you can do that too in our user-friendly graphics control room. Don’t spend money on graphics operators when you don’t need to!

1. TV GraphicsAn image showing a LIGR theme, with UI of components of the LIGR control room for manual graphics control

Effortless sponsorship management, in-game display and reporting

Our sponsorship-management tool quickly incorporates brand and sponsor assets into your live-stream graphics. Our unrivalled strength and flexibility in uploading, assigning, and displaying sponsor adsets let you seamlessly connect to our out-of-the-box graphics templates with stunning results. Our sponsor reporting dashboard provides insights and metrics of when and how your sponsors display during the broadcast. So, you’re able to provide valuable information back to your sponsors. All to help you monetise your live-stream content like never before to grow the game and produce more and more content! Win-win-win for players, fans and sponsors alike. 

LAPTOP_MCDONALDSThe LIGR Adset uploader, where you can upload specific Adsets and allocate their display during a broadcast


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Luke McCoy

CEO, Co-Founder

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