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CEO Video Series - 3. LIGR Pricing (Match Credits)

_CEO Series - LIGR.Live Pricing@2x (1)CEO Video series - 3. LIGR Live Pricing and Match Credits

Welcome back to the CEO Video series - Episode number 3. LIGR Live Pricing and Match Credits

Reminder if you haven't already, watch episode number 1 and 2 - "An introduction into LIGR Live" and "LIGR Live Themes" and make sure you subscribe to our Youtube Channel to get notified  of all the latest videos as soon as we publish and go live!


CEO video Series - 3. Pricing and match credit in LIGR Live

In this episode, we go deep on LIGR's pricing and match credits.  We've had many questions on pricing as most other applications deploy a monthly or yearly pricing. At LIGR we wanted to price to allow users to only purchase and use what they want, and not be forced to pay a monthly fee even when their sports aren't playing. We know budgets on live streaming are often built around how many games are being streamed, and therefore we feel our pricing is perfectly suited to allow small streamers and clubs, as well as large broadcasters and competitions to commit to exactly the amount of games they want, while allowing options to purchase games as they go if they so please. 

I demonstrate how our three tiers of match credits (Free, Streamer and Earner) work within LIGR live, and the feature differences between each tier. 

To watch episode 3, click through to the video above or click right here.

Look out for episode 4 up next, where I'll talk about getting setup with your sport assets within LIGR Live, allowing for immediate integration into broadcasts with simple editing tools to ensure you maintain broadcast quality assets to sit professionally in your LIGR graphics themes.

Lets get live streaming!


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