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CEO Video Series - 1. Introduction to LIGR Live

_CEO Series - Intro LIGR.Live@2xThe CEO video series with Luke McCoy

CEO video Series - 1. An introduction to LIGR Live

Hello World!

After LIGR Live's recent launch (October 2020), things have been a little bit hectic... obviously.

Now things have settled, I thought it would be the perfect time to introduce you to LIGR Live in a more personal way, bringing specific context to features and function in LIGR that have been shaped by our customers and their requests over the last two years. We are customer driven and our goal as a business is to produce the best possible experience for them and the fans that watch their live streams.

In this first video, I introduce you to LIGR Live and quickly take you through an overview of the platform as a whole.

Each subsequent video in the series will dive deeper into each of LIGR's features and the benefits they deliver to our customers with real world examples of how our customers are executing professional and sponsor driven live streams around the world. 

From sports organisations streaming 1000's of single camera live streams with automated graphics driven by external match data from the likes of Stats Perform and Genius Sports, to broadcasters and production companies using LIGR Live to execute large multi camera productions with data, graphics and sponsorship driven through LIGR Live with custom and exclusive themes.

We have you covered. So strap in and lets deep dive LIGR Live!

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Luke McCoy

CEO, Co-Founder

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