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CEO Video Series - 2. LIGR Live Themes

_CEO Series - LIGR.Live Themes@2xCEO Video series - 2. LIGR Live Themes. 

Welcome back to the CEO Video series - Episode number 2. LIGR Live Themes.

Reminder if you haven't already, watch episode number 1 - "An introduction into LIGR Live" and make sure you subscribe to our Youtube Channel to get notified  of all the latest videos as soon as we publish and go live!


CEO video Series - 2. Themes in LIGR Live

In this episode, I deep dive into LIGR's graphics themes, how you can preview, test and assign themes to your competitions, how you can change skin colours and test different sponsor adsets and ad sizes.

I also demonstrate how easy it is to swap out and assign a new theme to a competition in seconds, and go into how you can request and order a exclusive themes just for your organisation. You can also order exclusive and custom skins for a pre-existing theme to suit your brand or organisation style.

I'll also talk through why each theme has the same subset of graphics and how each theme can be deployed across sports and configured to include different levels of data integration and asset integration like player images.

LIGR's themes are designed to make the experience of our users as simple and as easy as possible, with no requirement for previous knowledge, design skill or experience in any other graphics or vision mix software. Our themes are straight out-of-the-box and solve your needs end-to-end. They are all in one and give you an immediate professional, data integrated broadcast with seamless sponsorship integration.

To watch episode 2, click through to the video above or click right here.

Look out for episode 3 up next, where I'll talk about getting setup with your sport assets within LIGR Live, allowing for immediate integration into broadcasts with simple editing tools to ensure you maintain broadcast quality assets to sit professionally in your LIGR graphics themes.

Lets get live streaming!


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