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Voice, Values and Promises - Our Core Pillars and Why Believe Us? (3/3)

VOICE_AND_BRAND_SERIES (1)For LIGR to have a true and real value proposition we need to have Value Proposition CORE PILLARS that as a company we believe in, and importantly for our customers to believe in.

Our Core Pillars and Why Believe Us? (3/3)

For LIGR to have a true and real value proposition we need to have Value Proposition core pillars  that as a company we believe in, and importantly for our customers to believe in.

Our core Value Prop pillars are:
TV-Grade Quality while being “out of the box” ready  
- Engage fans, stand out from the crowd and attract sponsors and brands
Superior user experience 
- Effortless adoption, no barriers to entry, seamless workflow
Real Monetisation Ability
- Integrate, display, report to sponsors. Truly generate revenue from your live streams

Why believe us? Because our solution and platform has been built with features to speak to these pillars. These pillars build our core value proposition which is proposed to solve the problems and challenges we know you face.

Below we break down the features within our platform that speak to each of our core pillars to fulfil the LIGR brand promise.


3. Real Monetisation Ability

Upload and configure your ad sets in LIGR.LiveUpload and configure your ad sets in LIGR.Live

- Integrate, display, report to sponsors
- Truly generate revenue from your live streams


Sponsorship management Module

Upload, manage and assign sponsors
Upload, manage and assign sponsor adsets to display automatically with your graphic themes with complete ease. Totally remove the difficulty of integrating sponsors in your broadcast without custom design and development work. Your sponsor ads will run automatically and open up monetisation opportunities that are impossible under traditional production methods without spending the big bucks.

Integrate Club and Team sponsors
Easily assign sponsors to specific teams. When that team plays, we’ll automatically link those sponsors by percentage or by the events you’ve assigned. Allow all teams to display their own sponsors at the same time as league or competition sponsors. Keep all stakeholders happy and open up greater monetisation opportunities at league and team level.

Percentage-based ad allocation
Take advantage of LIGR’s percentage-based ad allocation. Assign a percentage of total in-game advertisement space to a specific adset. Through our sponsorship management tool we guarantee that the adset will display exactly as you assign it. We’ll tell you the total amount of advertising space in each game and over seasons so you can sell and breakdown advertising space for your sponsors.

Event-based ad allocation
Assign sponsors to specific in-game events like goals, tries, or touchdowns using our event-based allocation tool. It’s simple. Upload your adset and assign the adset in a simple drop-down menu. Connect your sponsors to the most meaningful in-game events, giving them the best exposure to your audience at the right time. Provide more value to your sponsors and generate more revenue, plus attract more sponsors.

Dynamic ad display
LIGR’s dynamic ad display will automatically vary and randomise ad sizes during your live stream. Avoid the same ad size showing every time. Give your broadcast a dynamic feel that’s completely automated. Sponsor integration like this would normally take weeks of preparation with manual controls. Nowe you can achieve TV-quality results in two simple steps. Automatically! Integrating sponsors doesn’t have to be hard. With LIGR, you’ll display sponsors, attract new ones, and generate revenue now

Dynamic, automatic ad display, powered by LIGR.Dynamic, automatic ad display, powered by LIGR.


Sponsorship Reporting Dashboard

Easily produce sponsorship reports
Easily produce sponsorship reports. By providing transparency and results-driven reports to sponsors, you’ll help foster long-term, positive relationships. Report how many times a sponsor has displayed in any single game or over an entire season. Report on how many total minutes of advertising space are in a particular game. Or how many ad opportunities are connected to a particular statistical event. Sell sponsorship with confidence. Build trust with your sponsors as you provide them real value and transparency.

Demonstrate graphic and sponsor reporting capability to attract new sponsors
Demo sponsor, graphic, and reporting capability to attract new sponsors. Create PDF’s to demo the LIGR capability to your brand partners. Use our templates with ease to put together brand packages and generate revenue. Don’t leave money on the table or spend for outside help to put sponsor packages together for your live broadcast. LIGR is out of the box with built-in reporting like nothing else on the market.
In-depth sponsorship reporting and analytics, powered by LIGR.In-depth sponsorship reporting and analytics, powered by LIGR.


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