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Voice, Values and Promises - Our Core Pillars and Why Believe Us? (1/3)

VOICE_AND_BRAND_SERIES (1)For LIGR to have a true and real value proposition we need to have Value Proposition CORE PILLARS that as a company we believe in, and importantly for our customers to believe in.

LIGR - Our core pillars

For LIGR to have a true and real value proposition we need to have core pillars that as a company we strive to build to, and importantly for our customers to believe in.

Our core Value Prop pillars are:

1. TV-Grade Quality while being “out of the box” ready
Engage fans, stand out from the crowd and attract sponsors and brands
2. Superior user experience
Effortless adoption, no barriers to entry, seamless workflow
3. Real Monetisation Ability
Integrate, display, report to sponsors. Truly generate revenue from your live streams

Why believe us? Because our solution and platform has been built with features to speak to these pillars. These pillars build our core value proposition which is proposed to solve the problems and challenges we know you face.

Below we break down the features within our platform that speak to each of our core pillars to fulfil the LIGR brand promise. 


1. TV-Grade Quality (Out of the Box)

Example of a LIGR TV-Grade graphics theme in the overlay settings page.

- Engage fans
- Stand out from the crowd
- Attract sponsors and brand

Features to achieve goals below:

Stunning, templated sport specific graphics themes

Stunning graphic templates
LIGR’s graphics templates are professional quality and visually stunning, requiring no customisation or development work. Each theme is specific to each sport. Our templates encourage rapid user adoption, quick production, and execution that lets you stream TV-Grade right out of the box. Go from zero to -graphics hero.

Database of graphics themes
Choose a graphics theme from LIGR’s database of stunning sports-specific graphics and animation templates. Stand out from the crowd, impress your fans, attract new sponsors. Our database of graphics themes lets you change look and feel every season to keep your live streams fresh, new, and engaging. Two-steps you’re done. No design needed, no development needed. Easy.

Seamless yet complex animations
LIGR’s animations are TV-grade, straight out of the box. Turn your streams into world-class productions without needing a world-beating budget. Achieve an TV look and feel without any custom design or development work. LIGR does the work, you reap the rewards.

Customise only what you need
Simple customisation options allow for a tailored look and feel. Change colours and fonts, upload logos images, and choose different background animations. Quickly and easily get a custom feel without the need to spend more money on outside designers and developers. Get a unique result without any special effort.


Seamless data & match statistic integrations

Seamless global data API integrations
Easily connect global data providers APIs such as Genius Sports, Sportradar, Stats Perform and Opta. Allow complex match statistics to automatically populate your LIGR graphics themes. Utilise external data to automate graphic and broadcast workflows. No developers required. Simply plug in your API key directly into the LIGR dashboard.

Graphic integrated LiveScore apps
Use our LiveScore apps to easily power match data directly into your LIGR graphic theme. Incorporate out-of-the-box live match data straight into your live streams. Get sport-specific with detailed match stats down to the player level. Connect players to each event and trigger graphics and animations like team lists, lower thirds with player images, and player profiles.

Simultaneous, seasonal and historical data
Keep seasonal and historical data over time. Build a real-time sports stats database. Access season and historical data to display automatically at the right moments. LIGR’s automation logic will trigger milestone graphics from historical data and display match data from simultaneous games. All automatically without the need for human intervention


Seamless sponsor integration and display in-template

Built-in sponsor display
Display and integrate sponsors within templates with ease, integrated in professional, non-intrusive ways. No more ugly sponsor integrations or simplified logos. Make current sponsors proud of their integration and attract new sponsors with impressive animations and integrations.

Ability to assign sponsors to specific graphics and animations sequences
Use the LIGR Ad Allocation manager to assign sponsors and brands to specific events or by percentage of ad display. Integrate up to 10 different adsets per game seamlessly. No development work requirement. Set up in a few simple steps in an easy-to-use dashboard designed for everyday use. Pro tips help you create fantastic looking sponsor creatives.

Video and image sponsor integration and automation
Integrate video and image sponsor creatives directly into the LIGR platform in all common web formats. Stand out from the crowd by having professional and dynamic video and HTML5 banner and image ads connected to your live graphics theme. Don’t spend hours building custom integrations. Just pick a theme, upload your ads, and start monetising your live content now with TV-grade sponsor integrations!


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